Few things can ruin your day quicker than a clogged drain or sewage backup. Unfortunately, these problems are extremely common as many people don’t pay careful enough attention to what they’re washing down their drains. With that in mind, here are a few habits that you definitely want to avoid in order to keep your drains in good shape.

1. Washing Food Down the Sink

Washing food particles and grease down your kitchen sink is definitely something you need to avoid. Grease is especially problematic as it can harden and build up on the inside of your drain pipes. When this happens, it can create a trap that collects all those food particles and eventually causes a clog or blockage. For this reason, it is always best to scrape or wipe off dishes and cookware as well as possible before rinsing them off in the sink.

2. Using Your Garbage Disposal Like a Trash Can

One mistake many people make is assuming that their garbage disposal can handle anything. While some food particles are fine, there are many things that you should definitely just toss in the trash. In addition to grease, this also includes fibrous vegetables like potato peels and celery as well as harder items like eggshells, fruit pits and bones.

3. Letting Hair Go Down the Sink or Shower

Hair is another common source of clogs, which is why you should always make every attempt to stop it from going down your drain. Simply using a drain cover can help prevent this in the shower, but you may also want to reconsider your shaving routine to prevent too much hair from going down your sink at one time.

4. Overusing Chemical Drain Cleaners

While drain cleaners are great at clearing out minor clogs, they also contain harsh chemicals that can seriously damage your drains if you use too much or use them too often. For this reason, these products should only be used as a last resort and only for minor clogs. If the clog is more severe, it is much better to contact a plumber as this can help prevent damage to your drains and pipes.

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