Keeping your drains in good shape is an essential part of your plumbing maintenance. Professional drain cleaning in Covina, CA from Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter is the best way to do that. To better take care of your drains, you should never pour these four things down.

1. Cat Litter

Some varieties of cat litter may be flushable, but you should still never put them down your toilet or drain. They can cause a terrible clog and damage your septic system. Furthermore, bacteria from your cat’s feces, which are resistant to water treatment chemicals, may seep into the water supply. You may need a plumber in Covina, CA to make repairs so your plumbing can run normally again.

2. Grease, Fat, and Oils

Grease, fat, and oils are substances that may seem harmless to pour down your kitchen sink drain, but they should never go down. Once they reach the pipes, they can harden inside and cause a clog. Water won’t drain from your sink, and you might need to enlist emergency drain cleaning services.

3. Household Cleaners

You should avoid pouring household cleaners and car fluids down the drain as well. They may not cause a clogged drain, but they can get into the water supply and cause health and environmental risks due to their toxic ingredients like phosphates and antibacterial agents.

4. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds should never go down the drain. They can stick to the pipes and cause clogs. You may need professional drain snaking if you make the mistake of pouring coffee grounds down the drain. Instead, throw them into your trashcan or use them for composting.

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