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Low Water Pressure Covina, CA

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At Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service, we provide customers in the areas of West Covina, San Demas, Laverne, Glendora, Azusa, and La Fuente with high-quality sewer and drain services. Our team is comprised of industry experts that will always service you with affordable, environmentally-friendly, and long-lasting solutions to your pipe problems. Low water pressure is a common plumbing problem that many residential, commercial, and municipal property owners struggle with. When experiencing low water pressure, it important to work with professionals who use industry leading services whether they need to inspect, clean, repair, and replace your pipes.

Don’t Ignore Low Water Pressure Problems

While low water pressure can seem like a mild annoyance, it is often the sign that there is a more serious problem within your pipe system and not something to ignore. Low water pressure can stem from a variety of factors including, but not limited to, clogs, cracks, blockages, breaks, leaks, and fractures. In extreme cases, low water pressure could be a result of a partial collapse in your pipeline or misaligned pipes. The only way to figure out the exact cause of your low water pressure is to call your industry professionals at Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service to get to the source of the problem with accuracy and precision.

How Pipe Inspection Can Reveal the Source of Your Problems

Camera inspections are the number one way to see what is going on within your residential or commercial pipe system. The camera inspection process begins with our team locating a pre-existing cleanout hole on your property or digging a small strategically placed hole, if a cleanout hole isn’t available to them. Once the access point is established, we will insert a high-resolution camera into your pipe that is attached to a flexible rod, sturdy enough to move through the most difficult pipe systems. As the camera moves through your pipe system, it provides our team will a live-feed of your pipe’s interior revealing the direct source of your low water pressure problems. When the Sewer Camera Inspections is complete, we will have all the information necessary to restore your Southern California pipes to their normal function.

Pipe Cleaning and Repair in Covina

There are two solutions our team can perform depending on the severity of the cause of your low water pressure: drain cleaning and pipe repair.

Drain Cleaning also known as Hydro Jetting is an eco-friendly procedure that allows use to clear your pipes of clogs and blockages that are impeding water flow. Hydro jetting involves a single hose with a special multi-directional nozzle attached to it. When properly inserted into your troublesome pipeline, our team will release high-pressure water through the hose to remove the buildup and debris. Once the process is complete, the interior of your drain will be in pristine condition and ready for immediate use.

Pipe repair, while sometimes has to be conducted through excavation, is performed through trenchless pipe lining whenever possible. This method of pipe repair can solve cracks and fractures within your pipe. Trenchless pipe lining can be conducted through the access point used for the sewer camera inspection. Our team will begin by saturating urate a felt liner with epoxy and push it through your damaged pipe. The liner is left in place for several hours and when hardened, it removed to reveal a brand-new pipe inside of your existing one.

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Whether your low water pressure needs to be solved through drain cleaning or pipe repair, our team at Drain Doctor will always arrive at your property and ready to conduct quick service. In addition to regularly scheduled appointments, we are able to provide you 24-hour emergency service throughout the year.

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