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Toilet Backup Covina, CA

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At Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service, we work hard to assist our residential and commercial customers with every day plumbing problems. Everyone wants to be able to use their restroom without hassle, which is why we offer viable solutions to your toilet backup problems. Our team is comprised of industry professionals who understand that toilet backups can occur at any time, and we are always standing by and ready to assist you. We offer 24-hour service that allows you to seek professional plumbing assistance the moment your toilet issues begin.

Do Not Attempt to Solve Toilet Problems Yourself

When you are experiencing toilet backups, it can seem like a viable solution to use a do-it-yourself method in an attempt to solve the toilet problem you are experiencing. While plungers, snakes, and chemical drain cleaners are available to you, they only mask your sewer problems and, more often than not, causes major issues that lead to costly repairs in the future.

  • Plungers force waste further into your pipes, pushing them deeper and deeper into your residential or commercial sewer system.

  • Snaking your toilet can cause damage to your pipes scratching the sides and only allowing you to remove problems closer to the opening of your pipe.

  • Chemical drain cleaners mix with your waste and stay within your sewer pipes allowing more debris and buildup to accumulate over time.

With waste, flushable wipes, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, foreign objects like toys, diapers, and more being flushed down your sewer pipes, intentionally or accidentally, toilet backups are bound to occur. Your first line of defense for your residential or commercial toilet backups should always be to seek professional assistance.

Sewer Camera Inspections

Toilet backups can easily be taken care of by our expert professionals at Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service. We begin by providing you with a sewer camera inspection that shows us a real-time view of your pipe’s interior. Our high-resolution, waterproof camera explores your pipes, revealing all imperfections within your sewer pipes likes clogs, blockages, or waste buildup. Once the sewer camera inspection is complete, our team will have all the information we need to properly solve your toilet issues.

Hydro Jetting

The most reliable way to solve your sewer backup is with hydro jetting. Hydro jetting is an environmentally-friendly drain cleaning technique that uses clean water to restore your sewer pipes. The process involves our team moving a hose with a special multi-direction nozzle through your pipes while spraying high pressure water. Our team controls the pressure of the water, removing the most difficult clogs and blockages. Hydro jetting allows for your backup to be quickly restored in addition to flushing the problem away from your property.

Work with the Trust Local Experts at Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service Sewer camera inspections and hydro jetting are extremely versatile because they can be performed on the interior of your home or business. There is no reason to suffer through toilet problems. Whether your retail bathroom is backed-up or your guest bathroom is overflowing, our team at Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service is capable of resolving the problem with precision and speed. If you need emergency service or would like to schedule inspection or cleaning service to prevent a toilet backup, contact our team today.

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