It’s important to keep the drains in your home clean and clear to direct wastewater away from your home as efficiently as possible. One way to accomplish this goal is to contact a plumber in Covina, CA from Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter to schedule a professional cleaning. Below, we highlight two common methods we use – snaking and hydro jetting – and when to consider each one.


If a clogged drain only involves a mild or moderate blockage, snaking may be all you need. With professional snaking, a long, flexible metal cable with an attached uncoiled spring is fed into the affected drain line.

Typically, snaking is best used when:

  • There’s a need to quickly restore flow
  • The clog or blockage is primarily limited to one area
  • It’s not safe to use hydro jetting

Hydro Jetting

Hydro jetting is a more powerful approach to drain cleaning in Covina, CA. It’s done by delivering water at very high pressure into drain lines to clear away debris, tree roots, and grease buildup. Because of the pressurized water, a pipe needs to be sturdy enough to handle this approach to drain cleaning.

>Hydro jetting is likely to be recommended when:

  • Drain lines are affected by scale buildup along pipe walls
  • Multiple areas of the pipe need to be cleaned and cleared, which can’t be done by drain snaking
  • Tree roots need to be broken up and flushed out of the drain line

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