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Sewer Drain Pipe Lining Glendora, CA

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Would you recognize if your Glendora pipes needed to be relined? What signs come with a failing pipe? Aside from an obvious leaking pipe or a drain that will not drain at all, most people do not know what the signs are of a sewer pipe that no longer functions as it should. That is where Drain Doctor Covina can help. We will have one of our experienced plumbers come out and inspect your sewer pipe. That way, you know what is going on and how it can be fixed.

Signs That Your Sewer Pipes May Be Failing

When you have a pipe that is failing, you will notice signs if you are on the lookout for them. Your drains will usually drain more slowly. You may struggle with clogs a bit more often as well. Things that once went down your drain with ease, now struggle to go down the drain because of whatever is wrong with the inside of your pipe. There can be an odor that emanates from your drains if your sewer line is not functioning as it should, too. There may also be areas of your property that now look much lusher than in the past due to whatever is leaking out of your sewer pipe. You may also have sewage that backs up into your Glendora home or business. Many of the signs that your sewer pipe is having trouble typically show up before you are looking at raw sewage on your property, but that is not always the case.

How We Can Replace Your Sewer Pipe Lining

If you need a new sewer pipe lining, we can come out and reline the pipe for you. The process is pretty easy and is usually able to be done in a short period of time. We take a special hose that has a balloon on the outside of it that can inflate, and cover that hose with the new lining material. Then, we slowly feed that hose into the pipe that you already have in place. Once the hose matches up to the existing pipe, we inflate the balloon. This pushes the lining material into the old pipe, filling all of the cracks, crevices, and divots in the old pipe. From there, the new material hardens in place. Once cured, we deflate that balloon and pull the hose out of the pipe. Your old pipe now is structurally sound and impermeable to outside factors like tree roots. This can add many more years to the life of your Glendora, CA pipes.

To Reline Your Glendora, CA Pipes, Call Drain Doctor Covina

Getting your sewer pipe relined can give you a lot of structural integrity and give your old pipes a new life. Contact Drain Doctor Covina today to get the process started. We can have someone come out and see what is going on, then talk to you about sewer pipe lining services to see just how it could help. We lovingly serve the Glendora community because we are a part of it. Let us help take care of the pipes on your property, too.

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