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Sewer Camera Inspection Services Glendora, CA

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It is very important to know what condition our Glendora pipes are in. If they are old, you may be at risk of a pipe collapsing. Do you have a clog in the works? Are there any areas where your pipes leak? The only way to know is to get inside your pipes and look around. Drain Doctor Covina is able to do that with our sewer cameras. We put the cameras in your pipe and inspect them from top to bottom so you know what your pipes look like, and if they need your help.

What Can Be Seen During Sewer Camera Inspections?

When we perform a sewer camera inspection, we have an up-close view of what is going on inside your pipes. We slide a camera into your Glendora pipe and control it remotely so we can see everything inside the pipe very carefully. We start at one end of the pipe and look over the entire pipe to the other end. Whenever we see anything that is out of place or worrisome, we move the camera in for a closer look. Since the camera sends a live feed to our CCTV, we can watch in real-time everything that is going on in your pipe. Our videos are so clear that you can even submit any video we take to your insurance company if you must file some type of a claim.

What Happens if Your Covina, CA Pipes Have a Problem?

If we notice some type of an issue in your Glendora, CA pipes, we will discuss it with you after we are done with the sewer camera inspection. We will tell you what we have found, and what treatment options are available depending on the problem. For example, if we see a clog forming in your pipe, we can discuss hydro jetting your pipes to clean them out. This can be a simple process that leaves you with pipes that can function nearly as well as they did when they were originally installed.

Another problem we often encounter is a pipe that is in the process of failing. This could mean that your pipe has a crack in it, is starting to buckle from pressure or erosion, or that it is full of tree roots and is barely able to drain water. All of these issues are fixable, so long as they are treated before the pipe fails completely. For most of these issues, a new pipelining is the perfect answer to keep your Glendora, CA pipe system functional and stable.

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Finding out what the condition of your Glendora, CA pipes is right now, can help you manage anything your pipes may need. It is easy for us to see if you have a clog forming, a crack that could be leaking, or if you pipe may need to be relined or replaced in the near future. Turn to the experienced plumbing crew at Drain Doctor Covina today, and let us help make sure your pipes are in as good of condition as they can be.

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