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Professional Nu Flow Services in Covina, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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At The Drain Doctor Covina, we specialize in innovative Nu Flow technologies that are always efficient, affordable, and accurate. Sewer repair has changed significantly changed over the last several decades. In the past whenever a California home or business needed sewer or drain repairs, property owners would dread calling local professionals for assistance because of the time it took to complete services along with the damage caused throughout the process. Traditional methods of sewer and drain repair required excavation which ruined the landscape of a property leaving residents with a huge mess and surprise fees that went outside of their budget. Our team at The Drain Doctor Covina understands the needs of our Southern California customers, and we will always service your sewer and drain systems with accuracy and speed.

Camera Inspection Covina, CA

Nu Flow technology is the best way to service your sewer and drain pipes because it is always reliable and long-lasting. What makes our Nu Flow services at The Drain Doctor Covina reliable are the inspection and cleaning services that take place at the beginning of every appointment. Sewer camera inspections involve our team inserting a high-resolution camera into your drain to reveal the source of your pipeline problem as well and provide us with the exact location of the problem. When the troublesome pipeline is established, our team will then prep the drain for cured-in-place pipe lining or CIPP with our best cleaning service.

Drain Cleaning in Southern California

Our technicians at Drain Doctor Covina only use environmentally-friendly means of Drain Cleaning. Our most effective method of drain cleaning is hydro jetting. service we offer at Drain Doctor Covina is Hydro Jetting is a process where a hose with a multi-directional nozzle is inserted into your drain. When the hose is properly in place, a technician will release high-pressure water into your drain to clear out all buildup and debris within your pipe system. When finished, your pipeline will be pristine and ready for the Nu Flow pipe lining process.

Cured-in-Place Pipe Lining for Covina Properties

At Drain Doctor Covina, our Nu Flow technologies can be performed on pressurized and non-pressurized pipe systems in order to repair your California pipelines. Cured-in-place pipe or pipe lining is an innovative trenchless technology that allows your pipe system to be repaired without dig-and-replace methods. The process involves an epoxy coated liner being inserted into your pipeline. As the liner moves through your pipe, it coats the inside with epoxy. The epoxy is left to harden for several hours sealing all imperfections and restoring your pipes to a better than new condition. When the liner is removed, another sewer camera inspection is performed to make sure everything is working normally.

Nu Flow technologies are not at all disruptive to your property and they are the most viable solution for pipe renewal and pipe repair. Nu Flow is a great option for sewer and drain repair for your home or business. Our team at Drain Doctor Covina, CA is eager to assist you with your sewer and drain repair needs. It is our goal to leave Southern California residents satisfied with their Nu Flow results. If you are experiencing drain issues, call our team today! Our service areas include:

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