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Quality Pipe Descaling in Covina, CA,
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Older buildings may still contain cast iron pipes. Cast iron was the go-to material for decades in residential and commercial buildings, but it can begin to decay over time. While clogs, leaks, or other problems are bound to happen, The Drain Doctor will make plumbing services a breeze! We eliminate the hassle by utilizing the industry’s latest pipe descaling technology to clear away debris and repair your pipes without invasive measures.

Problems with Cast Iron Pipes

Although cast iron is strong and durable, the metal will begin to build up hard water minerals along the inside of the pipe. As the minerals grab onto the sides of the pipe, the problem continues to compound until your pipe is significantly hindered. The constant moisture in the pipe will also cause the metal to corrode over time, which can result in leaks, weakened pipes, and even collapse.

The following may indicate a problem with your cast iron pipes:

  • Sinks, bathtubs, and laundry lines are slow to drain
  • Surges of dirty water come back up in your sinks or other appliances
  • Strange smells or noises coming from your drains

Our trusted plumbing company will be able to diagnose your pipes and recommend an affordable, efficient course of action to help you recover clean, fully functioning pipes.

What is Pipe Descaling?

An inspection will provide insight as to the location and severity of the build-up. Our highly qualified technicians will use a video camera from a convenient access point to view the affected length of pipe and make recommendations for your pipe cleaning process. When weakened cast iron pipes are present, pipe descaling is usually the answer.

Our pipe descaling device involves a rotating cable with metal spikes attached to it. As the device is fed down the pipe, the spokes spin and scrapes the stubborn rust, minerals, and other debris from the inside of the pipe. Then the particles are simply flushed down the pipeline. The descaling device is gentler than some other methods but just as effective for cleaning and restoring your pipes.

When Pipe Descaling is Used

Although the most commonly used service at The Drain Doctor is hydro jetting, a method used to clear obstructions and remove minerals from pipes, some cast iron pipes are too fragile for the high-powered stream of water. When other methods risk damaging your pipes more, pipe descaling is the gentler alternative.

This trenchless drain cleaning technique also provides a less-invasive alternative to traditional excavation repairs that require digging a trench on your property. You won’t be stuck with repaving and other reconstruction costs because the entire repair is performed from one access point. Our pipe descaling in Covina, CA, and the surrounding areas is economical and saves time, minimizing the disruption to your daily routine or commercial operations.

Your Covina Pipe Descaling Experts

Our drain cleaning services in Southern California are unique and specialized. We use modern techniques and high-quality equipment to make sure your pipes are in excellent condition. Virtually any drain with any obstruction will not be a problem for our experienced, knowledgeable staff. Contact us today at (626) 332-9984 to find out more about how your pipes can benefit from pipe descaling or fill out our online form to set up an appointment. We also provide pipe descaling in these areas:

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