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Sewer Drain Liner Installation Covina, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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Long, messy trenches running through your yard. Loud, destructive excavating equipment tearing up your landscapes and driveway. Structural damage requiring a lot of time and money to repair. These are probably what you think about when you need sewer drain repair on your Southern California residential or commercial property, but our professional plumbing company offers a more time-efficient, less invasive alternative sewer drain liner installation in Covina, CA, and the surrounding areas.

The Trenchless Sewer Drain Liner Method

Your residential and commercial pipes are used on a daily basis to allow fresh water to flow into your property and waste to flow safely away from your property. Both new and old sewer pipes are susceptible to experience tree root intrusion, leaks, breaks, blockages, mold build-up, and sewer backups due to their constant use. Hard water also contributes to aging pipes making them more prone to calcium deposits coating pipes and creating clogs. As a California resident, ground movement from seismic activity in Southern California can also lead to cracking and structural damage at the joints of your sewer pipes.

Trenchless technology allows the local team at The Drain Doctor to create a new pipe within your existing sewer line. Our materials adhere to the pipe, strengthen it, and fill in any gaps or leaks without causing damage to your home or business, yard, foundation, or landscaping.

The Benefits of Trenchless Sewer Drain Liner Installation

Sewer drain liner installation has several advantages over traditional replacement methods:

  • Minimizes disruption. There is minimal digging and destruction with sewer drain liner installation, so a much smaller area of your property is impacted. Pipelining typically requires digging one access hole, so the process should take less time and help you get back to your normal routine as quickly as possible.
  • Strengthens structural integrity. The adhesive materials that our professionals blow into your existing pipe harden to create a protective, jointless, and corrosion-resistant lining. Instead of removing your old pipes and installing new ones, the liner essentially creates a new pipe within the old that restores your existing sewer drain’s structural integrity.
  • Increases flow capacity. The smooth sewer drain liner molds to your original pipe and fills in any gaps, helping to eliminate tree root invasion, stopping existing leaks, and preventing future blockages.

The Trenchless Sewer Drain Liner Installation Process

When we visit your commercial or residential property, our skilled technicians will follow an effective process to offer you a solution. Our experts will run a state-of-the-art camera through your sewer line to locate your specific problem.

  • Clean. Our professionals will use high-pressure hydro-jetting to flush out your pipes and eliminate any calcium buildup, invading tree roots, or other blockages.
  • Install. Our team will saturate the sewer drain liner with resin, push it through your existing pipe, and allow the resin to harden into a new pipe.
  • Inspect. Our technicians will do a final inspection to make sure that your lining project was completed successfully.

Save yourself the hassle of a long, expensive, and messy traditional sewer drain replacement. Let your friendly team of local Covina professionals at The Drain Doctor install your sewer drain liner with our highly reliable trenchless technology and customer-focused service. Contact our team of friendly and informative associates today or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment with one of our industry experts in Southern California, including these areas:

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