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Sewer Drain Pipe Lining in Covina, CA, and Surrounding Areas

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Do you have a broken sewer drain, or do you suspect roots may have invaded your line? We can help! By saving you money on your sewer drain repair or replacement. Lining the inside of your entire sewer drain without having to excavate much will save you money and quickly solve the problem. At The Drain Doctor Covina, we are the experts in Pipelining Main Sewer Drains. That’s why we are called The Drain Doctor Covina.

In addition, our drain lining method of installing liners is a “non-invasive” way to repair damaged drains. Rather than digging up your entire front yard to replace the main sewer line, we can dig a considerably smaller hole and take care of the entire main sewer line, fixing the problem more efficiently. This ultimately helps people save a lot of money.

We have an innovative and cost-effective way to repair your main sewer drain line without extensive excavation, disruption, and unusual property damage. Be assured you are getting the best with our newly introduced trenchless technology,

Drаіn Dосtоr Plumbing & Rooter Service Specializes in Sewer Liners

Every one of our plumbers is equipped with sewer cameras, which gives them the ability to see the conditions inside your drain pipes by performing a sewer video camera inspection. Once it is noted that your drain is broken or has roots and we know that lining is the best option for your drain line, the next step is to clean the drain line thoroughly with a hydro jetter to prepare for the lining process. After this, a small hole will be dug out to access the drain line so we can shoot the new liner. This liner will coat the inside of your Sewer Drain making it like new! Saving you thousands of dollars by keeping the excavations to a minimum.

Do you have roots in your drain line? We can help you save money in plumbing repairs. Our company name is The Drain Doctor Covina because we specialize in Drain Cleaning, Hydro Jetting, and Pipe Lining in Covina, CA. We are open 24⁄7 and we offer FREE ESTIMATES. We also serve the following areas:

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