If your home has cast-iron pipes, it’s important to learn a few extra facts so that you can adequately care for them. These old-fashioned plumbing systems are often found in houses that are 50+ years old, so as you might expect, they need some extra TLC and can be vulnerable to specific problems. One of these problems is mineral deposits building up inside the lining of both the pipes themselves and the sewer lines they connect to. These deposits are also called “scales,” and in large quantities, they can cause big problems. If significant scale buildup is occurring inside your cast-iron pipes, you should contact a plumber in Ontario, CA, for professional plumbing service right away.

Even once you learn this fact about your cast-iron pipes, it’s easy to forget about all the gunk and grime lurking below the surface — until it causes issues in your home. Watch out for these signs that you’re overdue for pipe descaling!

“Leaky” Pipes & Fixtures

Often referred to as “water seepage,” water draining through the wrong pipe can indicate that you have some serious scale buildup going on. If you flush the toilet and hear a bubbling sound in your bathtub, your wastewater drainage pipe is clogged, so the water is taking the only route available — another nearby drain. Don’t wait to call plumbers if this issue is happening to you since a wastewater pipe backup can cause serious harm to your plumbing system.

Slow or Clogged Drains

Clogged drains can occur for many reasons, and sometimes it’s just a matter of grabbing the plunger to battle the blockage. But if you’re dealing with drains that always seem slow or clogged, there might be scale buildup in your cast-iron pipes. Experts will perform a camera inspection to check for scale buildup, then use hydro-jetting equipment to blast away all the mineral muck. For more delicate pipe systems, a more involved approach might be necessary (since the intense water pressure of a hydro-jetting machine can cause damage to sensitive plumbing joints and older pipes). Two more methods used by plumbers are chemical descaling and electronic descaling, which each have their own pros and cons.  

Water Heater Problems

For your water heater to continue running smoothly, it must regularly be drained of sediment that builds up in its tank over time. However, serious scale buildup can push your water heater to work harder than it needs to and cause problems inside the tank. After we’ve descaled your pipes, you may need to also schedule a water heater repair in Walnut, CA, to ensure that your hot water heater is working the way it should.

Weak Water Flow

Have your once-refreshing showers slowed to a trickle of water leaking sadly from the shower head? Poor water pressure and weak water flow are signs that plumbers need to remove scale buildup in your pipes. If your low water pressure is accompanied by a gurgling or bubbling noise, it’s clear that you’re overdue for an appointment with our descaling docs.

Let the Drain Doctors Descale Your Pipes!

Do any of these problems sound like what’s happening to you? If you suspect your cast-iron pipes need to be descaled, contact the friendly crew at Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter Service ASAP. Make an appointment online today or give us a call to book service. We’ll clear out your pipes and bring your plumbing back to perfection!

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