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Stay Ahead of These Common Kitchen Plumbing Issues

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Stay Ahead of These Common Kitchen Plumbing Issues

With the kitchen as one of the busiest parts of your home, you’ll naturally want your plumbing system and appliances to work smoothly all the time. For this reason, it pays to know some of the plumbing basics to help you take proactive steps that will keep systems running without a hitch. To help you get started, The Drain Doctor, your go-to plumber in Covina, CA, shares some of the most common issues you should be aware of.

Clogged P-Traps

P-traps are dips in the line under the sink designed to block sewer fumes. These traps can, however, collect debris and congealed grease, blocking the flow. When this happens, avoid using harsh chemical cleaners that don’t completely eliminate blockages and can potentially damage your pipes. Instead, have it checked by a reliable plumbing company.

Dripping Faucets

Leaky faucets are usually caused by loose parts, corroded valve seats, and worn-out washers or seals, among others. When left neglected, this can end up adding to your utility bill and total up to gallons of water lost each day. Seek the help of a professional to diagnose the problems and perform the necessary plumbing repairs.

Dishwasher Issues

Most dishwasher problems stem from improper installation. For instance, if your technician installed the discharge line without a high loop, your unit won’t be able to drain well every time you use it. Apart from this, dishwashers may suffer from plumbing issues, especially if they near the end of their service life. Nevertheless, you can prevent your unit from failing early with regular maintenance.

Faulty Refrigerator Water Connection

Features like ice makers and water faucets on refrigerators rely on a line for a water source. If the line wears down or becomes blocked, problems may arise. The best plan is to get professional plumbing services from The Drain Doctor.

Jammed Garbage Disposals

Garbage disposals are great for keeping food waste from smelling up the kitchen trash can. While most food scraps can be garbage disposal, other items, like celery, potato peels, and bones can still cause problems or jams. To avoid this, avoid throwing fibrous and starchy foods down the disposal.

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