Like most other devices in your home, a toilet is going to wear out, eventually. You may wonder how much it costs for a replacement in Covina, CA.

Average Cost of Toilet Replacement

The national average is between $150 to $180 for a standard toilet, not counting additional installation services. The complete cost can run up to $500 for standard toilets and up to $1500 for specialty toilets. The average cost of wall-mounted toilets average $650, and dual flush toilets average $350.

If you must move the toilet to another location, replacement commonly costs an average of $3,000. If you need to reroute a drainpipe to another septic tank, expect to pay between $600 to $700.

The cost to dispose of your old toilet averages up to 50% but ask if this is included with the service. Some other factors that influence cost include an emergency replacement, replacing flooring, and fixing leaks. Plumbers in California commonly charge between $45 to $200, with the average job taking two hours.

When to Replace a Toilet

While an occasional clog is expected, constant clogs may signal it’s time for a new toilet. This is especially true for older toilets, which often are not energy efficient and need more than one flush. While toilets can last for years, it is advised to replace them every 25 years, though the lifespan varies.

A hairline crack in the bowl in the toilet bowl or tank is another sign it needs replacing. This issue may cause damage to the flooring from leaks, though you can commonly fix small cracks.

Leaks in the toilet bowl aren’t as much of an issue as it is the tank but keep a watch for leaks. Another sign you may need to replace a toilet is if you notice your water bills increasing.

Sometimes, it is more effective to replace a toilet than to keep repairing them. Contact our plumbing experts at Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter if you need toilet replacement, drain repairs, or re-piping services. We also offer sewer services and gas line repiping.

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