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Top Plumbing Emergencies in Summer

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Summer is almost here, but that does not mean you won’t have issues with your plumbing during the season. Whether you’re planning to do some outdoor summer activities or host barbeque parties, these can add extra wear and tear to your plumbing system. While no one wants an emergency to happen, it can still occur when you least expect it.

Fortunately, you can rely on The Drain Doctor for emergency plumbing in Glendora, CA. Make sure you take preventive measures by noting these common plumbing emergencies in summer.

Clogged Shower Drain

During summer, you and your family will certainly take showers more often to cool off. As a result, you can easily have an emergency in the form of a clogged drain. When everyone showers frequently, it is only natural that more hair will get into the drain. Furthermore, if you shower after a trip to the beach, sand and salt can accumulate and cause clogs.

You can avoid needing extensive plumbing services by brushing your hair and shaking off your clothing before getting into the shower. Use drain screens to catch hair and other larger debris as well.

Backed Up Toilet

If you have more people over during the summer, you can expect more usage of your toilet. Unfortunately, toilet backups are one of the most common summer plumbing emergencies.

People can end up using a little too much toilet paper and flush the wrong things down, including feminine hygiene products, cleaning wipes, and more. With a bad enough backup, you will need the assistance of a plumber in Glendora, CA.

Blocked Garbage Disposal

You probably use your garbage disposal to take care of the food scraps. However, you need to be careful about what goes in and what goes down your disposal.

Having a blocked garbage disposal is a common problem that requires emergency plumbing repairs. To avoid this problem, always throw fat, oil, and grease into the garbage, and don’t put any fibrous or porous foods into your disposal.

Leaky Sprinklers

Sprinklers are run more often during the summer as the weather is hotter and drier. However, they are prone to leaks and clogs, which can lead to a plumbing emergency. That said, be careful when you mow your lawn and avoid setting the blades too low to prevent damage to the sprinkler heads.

If you experience any of these issues, contact The Drain Doctor right away. As your trusted plumbing company, we will respond promptly and make sure these problems won’t ruin your summer fun. Get in touch with us to book an appointment.

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