Betterway Bamboo is the Best Eco-friendly Toilet Paper

According to National Geographic, manufacturers use about 27,000 trees daily to make toilet paper. Trees do not only make toilet paper but also provide oxygen, improve air quality, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife. If you are an environmentalist and looking for ways to save the environment, choosing eco-friendly toilet paper should be the first step.

To conserve the environment, most manufacturers are now making eco-friendly toilet paper. They are direct-to-consumer options and are free of plastic packaging. The toilet paper tested and proved to be eco-friendly is the Betterway Bamboo. Bamboo is recommendable since the plant takes a shorter time to grow and emits less gas to the environment.

According to the company, its 12 rolls of septic bath tissue are equivalent to 20 regular ones. Another outstanding quality of bamboo bath tissue is that its packing is free of plastic and is certified by the FSC. It is also free from BPA, pesticides, dyes, and scents.

Other benefits of using Betterway Bamboo Toilet Papers include:


Betterway toilet papers are affordable since they use bagasse sugar cane and sustainably grown bamboo to make them. Bagasse is the residue left after extracting sugar cane juice to make table sugar. Usually, these leftovers are burned or landfilled to prevent by-products and enhance their softness. Buying this toilet paper in large quantities saves you up to 50% compared to regular tissue paper.


Reports indicate that some major toilet paper manufacturers are shifting from boreal forest pulp to brands offering 100% recyclable paper. Again, manufacturers ensure that the paper tube is also recyclable and compostable.


Most manufacturers use chemicals to make the toilet papers whiter. They use chlorine as the bleaching agent. Studies have proved that chlorine is toxic to the environment. So, some manufacturers opt for sodium perborate (Borax) or percarbonate to make toilet paper. However, these products are not 100% safe since they can contaminate waterways. Therefore, if you live in Covina, CA, and its surroundings, look for chlorine-free bleached products for your safety and the safety of the environment.

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