When faced with a clogged drain, most homeowners often try to take care of the problem themselves by using store-bought drain cleaners. However, any reputable plumber in Glendora, CA can tell you why this method of dealing with a clog isn’t recommended.

Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter is thrilled to offer professional drain cleaning services in Glendora, CA. We’re always disappointed when homeowners decide to get rid of a clog themselves using corrosive chemicals instead of doing the smart thing and giving us a call. Here are some of the risks of using chemical cleaners:

Chemical Drain Cleaners Can Destroy Pipes

Homeowners often turn to chemicals when they need to deal with a clogged drain in Glendora, CA, but they don’t stop to think about how these harsh products might affect their plumbing. For a product to be tough enough to dissolve grease and other clogging substances, it also poses the risk of corroding and burning holes in the pipes as well. A simple clog can turn into a huge leak that can cause significant water damage to your property.

Rather than risk your property’s safety by using corrosive chemicals, get in touch with a professional like Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter for effective drain cleaning in Glendora, CA. We use safe and gentle methods like drain snaking and hydro jetting to effectively remove the blockage without damaging your pipe’s interior.

They Don’t Truly Get Rid of Clogs

While chemical cleaners can help dissolve small clogs, they won’t be as effective on large blockages. This is why many homeowners find themselves needing drain snaking in Glendora, CA despite attempting to deal with the clog themselves with a chemical, leading to more expenses.

Instead of potentially ruining your pipes with one of these commercial drain cleaning products, choose to work with a reputable drain cleaning company in Glendora, CA instead. Contact Drain Doctor Plumbing & Rooter today to schedule an appointment. Let our teamwork with you in addressing your drain cleaning concerns.

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